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Slater Farms

Slater Farms and Holliston Sand are the perfect combinations. Slater Farms integrates high-quality silica sand and gravel products produced by Slater Farms into its numerous diverse products supporting the playful side of life. Recreation although playful is an essential nutrient of competition. Our superior product quality coupled with its expected performance fuels the drive for human excellence.

Slater Farms listens and learns from you. With your help, we have developed products for sports fields, golf courses, volleyball, long jump, nurseries, and equestrian facilities. We incorporate only the best organic materials into our blends to ensure your performance objectives. Challenge us. Contact info@slaternaturalfarms.com for a specialized solution.

Timing is everything. We realize we provide one crucial component to your everyday needs. Our administration staff coupled with our transportation group will ensure accurate processing of your bulk or packaged needs. Don’t hesitate – we ship internationally. We are the element in your every day.


Natural sand and gravel products blended with high-quality organics to achieve a robust root zone. Whether your objective is to exceed USGA recommendations for greens or provide a healthy growing medium for a neighborhood sports field, our silica sand blends will score you the right points on important physical properties such as infiltration, porosity, and organic content. Even the best silica sand blends take time. Try our Green Divot Mixes. This provides a quick visual fix while providing the required nutrients for long-term turf repair.


Our natural sand is sorted in many various effective sizes and uniformity coefficients. Tell us your preference for equestrian rings, volleyball courts, squash courts, tennis courts, and long jump pits. Whether your goal is minimizing the physical impact or just providing a safe aesthetically pleasing playing surface call us with your requirements. We offer a sand selection to meet a wide range of applications including sports turf – natural and synthetic, infield and warning track blends, playgrounds, horseshoe, and bocce courts and beach nourishment sand!


“Rooftop soil blends for sedums to specialty nursery mixes for bonzai to wetlands remediation – Slater Farms is committed to being green. Our specialty growing mediums are designed by you. Our natural sand and stone products are integrated with numerous organic peat and composted materials. Third-party products such as but not limited to expanded shale, vermiculite, perlite, and norlite are integral components of many applications. Ask us to help you develop consistently high-quality products to ensure your success. Products are available in bulk and packaged form and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Veteran-owned, Slater Farms is committed to continual reinvestment in new technology and education to deliver the elements you need, exactly the way you need them. Our business is designed to evolve to meet changing customer requirements as cost-effectively as possible. With state-of-the-art bagging and palletizing capabilities that allow us to fully scale to any volume and process emergency orders faster than anyone else on the market, we are continually further streamlining our production processes to bring you what you need even quicker.

Strategically located in New England with a global distribution network and complete processing capabilities, Slater Farms services engineers, architects, builders, and more, everywhere in the world. Our full-service packaging and total logistical planning center provides everything from private labeling to international scheduling to ensure that from New England to you, our products deliver for the every day.